IBM to become ‘serious player’ in mobile

IBM to become ‘serious player’ in mobile

IBM wants to strengthen its burgeoning mobile strategy by building market share over the next 12 months with a compelling enterprise solution and utilising partner expertise.

The multinational has been quiet in the mobile sector thus far despite working in the space for over a decade, and new IBM mobile leader of UK and Ireland Rodric Yates (pictured) wants to make his company a ‘serious player’ in the industry. He told Mobile: ‘I don’t have a target for market share yet, but I’m sure I will quite soon. In a year’s time we would have increased market share. People, and primarily businesses, will understand that IBM is a serious player within mobility.

‘This time next year I want to have created an organisation which is ready for 2015/16 in terms of addressing the capability we’ve opened up.’

Yates said IBM’s mobile strategy depended on a company’s point of entry and that it was equally adept at embedding a completely new mobile strategy for clients as it was at implementing separate software products around security and back-end communication.

Yates, who comes from a technical background, added that there was a lot more to mobile than just the device, especially in the enterprise realm, and that his role was to bring it all together to create a compelling proposition for clients. He said: ‘A lot of people look at the device and they think that mobile starts and ends with that. There are lots and lots of little parts of mobile I think people forget about.

‘I’m quite good in my position because I don’t need to nosedive into software, security, strategy or transformation; I can look at these things as a big parcel.’

He added that the nature of catering for businesses, especially larger companies, created a more complex task because they tend to have lots of operating divisions. Yates said: ‘Is there a single mobile strategy for that kind of client? There probably is at a very high level, but actually each one of those individual areas (software, security and transformation) has their own little focus.’

IBM can offer its packages to prospective clients directly, but Yates also confirmed that the company works with partners and resellers. He said it ‘made sense’ to go through resellers and ‘value add’ partners, especially if a client wants to select one product or service like software or cloud provisioning, for example. The company has a partner world called ‘Ecosystem Development’. IBM believes managing partner relationships is key to making its mobile strategy successful.

Yates added: ‘In the next three months I need to make sure the partner ecosystem is up to scratch, and to ensure I’ve identified the right partners all the way through. The second thing I need to do is let people know IBM does mobile rather than just waving the flag internally. We’re in attendance at Mobile World Congress and we’ll be doing a lot of stuff there.’


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