Nokia signs CaixaBank deal for 30,000 Lumia smartphones

Nokia signs CaixaBank deal for 30,000 Lumia smartphones

Nokia has intensified its enterprise operations by inking a deal with Spanish financial group CaixaBank for around 30,000 Lumia smartphones.

The Nokia Lumia 925 was chosen for employees of the banking and insurance company with the option to upgrade to new Lumia products in the future. CaixaBank chose the devices for their Windows Phone operating system's encryption of information, isolation between applications and embedded anti-malware protection; support for new ways of interacting with banking services using NFC (Near Field Communications); seamless integration with common office needs via embedded Microsoft Office and access to Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync; and the ability to develop a common environment for corporate applications between smartPC and Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Nokia Iberia general manager Reyes Justribó said: ‘Thanks to the collaboration between all parties, we managed to deliver a customised solution for CaixaBank covering all their requirements and allowing us to manage it for the future in a coordinated way.’


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