Azzurri launches mobile device management service

Azzurri launches mobile device management service

Azzurri Communications is set to sign up around 30 clients for its newly launched ICON Mobilise within the next six months, based on current sales rates, the company said this week.

Two clients have already signed up for the mobile device management service, with another two trialling the service, since its soft launch two months ago.

Speaking to Mobile, Paul Fawcett, mobility solutions product manager at Azzurri Communications, said: 'At our current run rate we will have between 25 and 30 clients taking ICON Mobilise over the next six months.'

He said demand was strong from companies 'across the board', ranging from SMEs to large organisations. Fawcett said demand for mobile device management was on the rise as increasing numbers of  companies introduced BYOD policies which required the management of multi operating systems. He said security issues and the increasing migration of companies from Blackberry devices to other operating systems were also  a key drivers. 

Fawcett said there was no typical client with current customers ranging from facilities management companies and construction firms to hospitals and charities.

'Basically it is for customers who want to outsource the pain and complexity of their mobile device strategy. Typical customers vary from small to large companies – some don't have the IT skills to run their device management, whilst others have an IT department but don't want to tie up their IT staff with managing their mobile devices.'

The service, which is aimed at companies from with between 50 to 10,000 mobile users, can be delivered from the Azzurri ICON cloud or on companies' premises or via a mix of both.

Fawcett said ICON Mobilise appeal is broad. 'We are getting a lot of demand from customers looking to deploy more applications, companies moving from 3G to 4G devices as well as companies with BYOD policies and those that have introduced smartphones and tablets for their executives and realise that they need to manage the security risks. We are also seeing a lot of demand from companies migrating from Blackberry devices to other operating systems.'

Fawcett said the service was an end to end solution which would challenge competitors' MDM services.

'A number of companies do offer managed services but these are usually mobile operators that are not so good at IT services or IT integrators that are not so good at mobile. We are different in that we can offer an end to end service, from deploying apps and devices to Sim management, managed services and security applications. So it is a unique offering.'

Fawcett said the ICON Mobilise also aims to cut clients IT costs, with charges for the service costing on average between £5 and £10 a month per user.

'It is more economical, cutting out the cost of multiple support technicians and the cost of training staff,' he said.


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