Maintel gunning for 50% growth

Maintel gunning for 50% growth

Maintel’s new mobile and network sales manager has revealed plans to boost business by 50% over the next two years.

Former O2 regional sales manager Rob Leader was unveiled by the company last week.

Speaking to Mobile, he said: ‘My goal is to stimulate aggressive growth through new business, whilst improving our already strong account management team, and growing the already highly rated service team and selling a wider range of solutions into existing customers.’

Leader has hired one new staff member in the sales team and plans to add another by Q4 of this year. Leader also has plans to launch an outsourced telemarketing campaign, although at this stage will not disclose who the third party might be.

Maintel will begin cross-selling, which it doesn’t currently engage in, as well as adding to their already 1,000-strong mobile and network customers and 13,000 mobile connections.

While at O2, Leader transformed the lowest performing sales team into the highest within nine months of taking the helm. He hopes to make a similar impact at Maintel, which is a Vodafone Gold Partner with a base of 1,000 mobile and network customers and 13,000 mobile connections.

His plan is for a ‘back-to-basics’ agenda: ‘There is a lot of teamwork to build on with the personnel at Maintel – everyone is on the same page and shares the same goals,’ he said.

Leader took on the role at Maintel as he sees it as the ideal place to work with a strong growth plan, support structure and account management. ‘The job description fitted exactly with what I had in mind and it feels like the right place for me to be,’ he said.


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