Brightstar 20:20 eyes major deals

Brightstar 20:20 eyes major deals

Brightstar 20:20 Mobile’s services strategy has been ‘turbo-charged’, following its acquisition by Brightstar, with four major services deals close to being inked.

Brightstar 20:20 sales director Jonathan Miller (pictured) told Mobile this week that Brightstar’s purchase of 20:20 Mobile late last year had added significant scale, investment and momentum to the distributor’s services strategy.

Miller said: ‘We have another four contracts in the pipeline across our services elements. These are all at final contract stages.’ He added: ‘Brightstar has turbo-charged our services portfolio. It means we can operate on a much greater level. Brightstar is making significant investments in services so we now have much greater scale, investment and reach.’

Miller declined to give further details of the four contracts but revealed that one of the deals in the pipeline was for Brightstar 20:20’s multi-channel connectivity platform, Activate, which is targeted at mobile phone and mass market retailers. The Activate platform is already used by staff in over 850 retail stores across the UK as well as being used by a number of mass market retailers.

Miller said: ‘We are close to signing another deal here. It is a major area for us - as more and more businesses start to sell mobile hardware there are more and more opportunities for us to sell connectivity.’

He added that there are plans to roll the Activate service out internationally, following the Brightstar acquisition.

‘We forsee a lot of growth in this area and we are now working with other Brightstar teams to see it extended to other marketplaces in other parts of the Brightstar world.’
Miller said 20:20 Mobile’s range of services was key to attracting Brightstar’s acquisition bid.

He explained: ‘One reason Brightstar wanted to buy us is because of the breadth of our service portfolio. 20:20 Mobile was already involved heavily in providing additional services to its customers as was Brightstar, so it was a good match.’

Brightstar 20:20’s service portfolio includes value added distribution, supply chain solutions, device insurance and protection, buy back and trading, omni channel solutions, and financial services, which were added to the services portfolio following the acquisition deal.

Brightstar 20:20 is also constantly looking to evolve its existing services and expand its services portfolio, Miller said.

‘Take financial services as an example. The market is evolving all the time and customers want different things out of their hardware - so we are constantly looking at what is next in the marketplace. In another year we may have seven or eight services in our portfolio to meet those evolving needs.’

However Miller insisted distribution is still ‘the heartbeat’ of the business, adding: ‘We are still one of the largest procurers of handset devices with the largest product portfolio. On a global level, in terms of units of purchase, we are up there with the largest cellular companies in the world.’


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