BT One Phone throws down the gauntlet

BT One Phone throws down the gauntlet

BT is marshalling its forces to drive sales of its newly launched BT One Phone unified comms solution after signing up nearly 100 BT Business customers at the launch event.

BT One Phone brings the operator into direct competition with mobile networks in the b2b space with BT expected to put all its sales and marketing strength behind the product in the next few months in a bid to carve out a significant share of the SME market.

The operator has launched a major offensive to drive sales of the BT One Phone via its direct sales channels and its UK wide network of 40 BT franchise partners which employ over 1,000 sales staff.

BT is on the hunt for SME companies of between 100-250 employees that meet three criteria: that they have a partially mobile workforce; that they are nearing the end of their mobile contracts; and that they have not recently installed a PBX switchboard.

The operator is targeting SME businesses via its base of 900,000 BT Business customers but has said it will widen this to larger and smaller companies following the initial rollout.

BT Business commercial director, John Thorneycroft (pictured), told Mobile that a seminar held at the recent launch for around 100 hand-picked BT Business customers had yielded ‘a huge amount of interest’, adding that a number of customers who had already trialled the solution were also planning to extend the service to other sites.

He said: ‘We have spent a lot of time understanding fixed line and mobile and trying to bring the best of fixed offerings and fixed network onto mobile and there is every indication that our customers are very impressed with our offering.’

He said BT will widen its target to include both larger and smaller companies once it had established the initial rollout to its SME base.

However BT is yet to reveal its pricing strategy. Thorneycroft said: ‘There is obviously a pricing card and system but that is quite complex depending on what a customer wants. However I can say pricing is in line with complex mobile packages but with vastly more features included in the BT One Phone package.’

He added that the solution also promises at least 20% saving to customers compared to their current system, with some trial customers reporting 50% cuts in communication costs.

The BT One Phone solution promises ‘all the features of an office phone system on employees’ mobiles’, with all fixed, mobile and extension calls routed to one handset. It works with a full range of mobile devices via a BT One Phone Sim and its flagship BT One Phone Office solution offers an in-house mobile network to guarantee landline quality to mobile calls.


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