Azzurri Comms sails into calmer waters

Azzurri Comms sails into calmer waters

Azzurri Communications is sailing into calmer waters following a spate of redundancies, office closures and the departure of its CEO Vim Vithaldas in June this year.

Speaking to Mobile, Azzurri’s chief technology officer, Rufus Grig (pictured), said the imminent arrival of Chris Jagusz, former MD of SSE Telecoms, who joins the company this month as its new CEO, and the release of a pipeline of unified comms products since April had given the company a boost.

Grig said: ‘We have launched some significant new products and services and we are starting to get customers signed up to these. Our key areas of interest are cloud services, managed services, mobility and security and we have built a whole product map around that. So that, and the arrival of Chris, gives us a very optimistic outlook.’

New products launched this year under the company’s Icon Cloud and Managed Services suite include Icon Communicate, an enterprise voice service, Icon Contact, offering remote contact centre services, Icon Mobilise, a device and application management service, and the revamp of its fixed and mobile connectivity service Icon Connect. The company has also recently launched Azzurri Talk, a self-serve IP telephony based service aimed at smaller customers.

Grig said all Azzurri’s products and services were developed in close communication with its existing customers. ‘We don’t develop these things in isolation but talk to our clients and run forums, and we sit with our senior customers and bounce ideas off them. The result is that the response from our clients has been very good with very successful migration of clients from our old fabric network onto Icon.’

Grig said the company’s expansion of services had also created new jobs in house which had allowed some staff, whose jobs had been made redundant earlier in the year, to transfer to new positions.

‘As with any technology business, as some doors shut others open. That has allowed us to reposition staff in new posts as we continue to launch new services and move into managed services.’

Azzurri Communications has around 4,000 customers but tends to focus on around 500 large enterprise customers. Grig said there were clear trends emerging among Azzurri customers.

He explained: ‘Increasingly our customers are wanting converged services and we need to respond. There are definitely some themes emerging, particularly at the higher end of our customer base as mobile and cloud security becomes an even bigger imperative to them and similarly, managed services is also becoming much more important to enterprises as technology becomes more complex and as it continues to converge.

‘Customers are increasingly asking themselves if they want to develop these skills in-house or if they want to get on with running their businesses and let Azzurri manage their communication needs.’


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