Exertis Micro-P hunts Microsoft resellers

Exertis Micro-P hunts Microsoft resellers

Exertis Micro-P has joined forces with Microsoft to provide airtime and hardware to the IT giant’s largest resellers, opening the door to major deals with corporate enterprises and public sector bodies.

The deal sees Exertis Micro-P working with Microsoft’s top echelon of IT resellers, known as Licensing Solution Providers (LSPs) or Larger Account Resellers (LARs). The 17 partners, which include companies such as Insight, Cobweb IT, Bytes and Softcat IT, provide managed service solutions for large enterprises including major banks and insurance companies, government departments, local authorities and health bodies.

The strategy, which was launched six months ago, is part of a wider drive by Microsoft to boost sales of its Windows Phones into the IT sector as part of its Windows eco-system. The joint venture is already delivering results for Exertis Micro-P with two major airtime deals in the pipeline.

Fridolin Engel (pictured), Exertis Micro-P’s Conect sales director told Mobile: ‘We are working closely with Microsoft who are recommending us and referring us to their top 17 LSPs. These companies have traditionally sold devices like tablets and PCs and are now looking at providing their customers with mobile and connectivity. They are already selling cloud-based services such as Microsoft Office 365 so they need the missing link, which is mobile.’

He said the initiative, launched earlier this year, had gathered momentum in the past three months, generating significant interest among LSPs, as well as among Microsoft’s other tiers of partners in the UK.

He added: ‘We are still at the on-boarding stage but we already have a couple of major deals in the offing, which will both bring between 300 to 500 connections.’

Engel said the distributor is focusing on medium-sized deals to begin with but is setting its sights on much larger deals in the long term. ‘Typically in mobile distribution you are looking at below 500 connections, whereas this opens up opportunities in the range of 1,000 to 2,000 connections. The whole Microsoft piece is a massive opportunity for us, a real gamechanger which will open a lot of doors. It is a real volume piece.’

Exertis Micro-P is offering three tiers of service to Microsoft LSPs via its Conect airtime platform, ranging from a full support service with the Conect team managing the transaction, to a partial support service, and a third tier of support, which sees Microsoft Partners running a fully owned service, supported by the Conect Portal.

Engel added: ‘What makes us stand out from the competition for Microsoft partners is that we are the only distributor that can offer hardware and connectivity via our Conect platform to all networks. We have relationships with both the IT market and the networks and so we are in a unique position.’


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