revamps partner portal revamps partner portal has launched the next version of its partner portal as it continues its drive into the unified comms market.

The company was launched by former Yes Telecom co-founder Keith Curran in March this year. Its brief is to act as a disruptive force in the telecoms distribution industry by offering dealers the ability to put together bespoke deals using streamlined technology in place of traditional time-consuming methods.

Speaking to Mobile, director Keith Curran said the most significant aspect of the latest version of plan.portal is in the customers section. He said: ‘What really stands out for dealers is that the portal allows them to act like a network operator. When we demonstrate the customer tab to dealers they look at each other with amazement. It’s a light bulb moment. It just removes all those layers of bureaucracy.’

He added: ‘Dealers can use our new search function to find a customer and drill down to view billing and commission info, set overspend alerts, request bolt-ons, perform SIM swaps and manage bars within minutes, 24/7/365 for every customer.’

Curran said dealers at the recent Data Select Platinum Partner conference had been ‘blown away’ by the spread of functions the portal offers them, adding: ‘In one click they can get a clear and accurate picture of their business, connection numbers, commissions due, total customers, inactive SIMs  you name it, it’s probably there.’ partner numbers are continuing to grow steadily, Curran said, rising from 130 in September to more than 190 to date, with another 180 dealers registering their interest. He said most of the new partners are from the mobile industry, adding that the company is set to launch a major push to sign up IT and fixed line resellers in the New Year.
Curran added: ‘We’re focused on building solid business relationships with our partners and giving them all of the capabilities to help them to grow their business. It’s simply about transparency and control. The plan.portal gives our partners the exact management information they need, in a user friendly format, so they can get on and do the deals - and there is even more functionality to come.’


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