‘No profound changes to mobile devices’: Azzurri Communications Predictions 2015

‘No profound changes to mobile devices’: Azzurri Communications Predictions 2015

Paul Fawcett, product manager mobility, Azzurri Communications:

‘2015 is expected to see more of the same when it comes to advancements in technology, but it’s employees that will see the biggest changes to their working lives as their long-awaited vision of being able to work just as productively on the move as in the office comes to fruition.

‘Mobility will become more embedded within the broader IT strategy than ever before. How and where we work has been changing slowly over the years, but IT strategies need to catch up. Given the mobility services now available and the upturn in investment, I believe 2015 will be the year when organisations unlock the full potential of enterprise mobility by giving their employees access to all of their business content and applications from any device and from wherever they are.

‘The annual updates to the major mobile device operating systems will be more focused on the business market than in previous years. I expect to see big announcements around enterprise features and security

‘We will see no profound changes to mobile devices. They will simply continue the current trends of becoming faster and cheaper with ever bigger screens

‘The MDM market will consolidate to only the big players. It’ll grow to encompass PCs as well as smartphones and tablets

‘Demand for more flexible working and more devices, will mean a parallel rise in both corporate provided smartphones and support for employee provided tablets as a second device

‘High speed cellular data will become essential for all employees as 4G becomes ubiquitous

‘And last but not least… somebody will finally find a valid business use for wearables!’


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