‘Security will continue to be a big issue’: O2 Predictions 2015

‘Security will continue to be a big issue’: O2 Predictions 2015

David Plumb, digital and new business director O2

‘The pace of change in the world of technology is overwhelming, and we are seeing no signs of this slowing.  We know that whilst the digital revolution has been flourishing, many people and businesses are starting to feel left behind and overwhelmed by the tech available to them.   But digital shouldn’t be daunting.  We want to continue to help our customers, both individuals and businesses, navigate the digital world and understand that tech has the power to solve every day problems and to change the way we operate our day to day lives for the better.

‘One of the areas I find most interesting and will undoubtedly continue to be a hot topic in 2015 is the Internet of Things. We recognise the potential of giving a voice to objects to overcome problems and continue to explore the opportunities within this space.  This year we partnered with Tesla to install smart technology into their vehicles which, among other things, allows their cars to self-diagnose their mechanical faults so that customers avoid paying for unnecessary repairs by mechanics. Many sectors are embracing the Internet of Things but I think next year we will see a lot more in the world of Connected Cars, Connected Homes and Smart City.                      

‘I think the question of security will continue to be a big issue in the world of tech and in particular, to the Internet of Things, but this is not a reason to shy away from this technology. The key is to establish trust in the smart system and in the delivery partner who can ensure that security is built in, at the core of new technology. Another important factor is to ensure that there is a robust managed update mechanism to guarantee security challenges that occur in field are addressed in a timely and effective manner.’


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