It’s all about data: Predictions 2015

It’s all about data: Predictions 2015

Keith Curran, co-founder,

‘Much of what has happened in 2014 has set the stage for 2015. We saw mobile usage of social media overtake desktop, mobile centric photo platforms saw user numbers increase in their millions and according to the latest stats, one quarter of the world’s population now has a smart phone.

‘Download speed and expectations for the immediate will drive demand for data in 2015 and we will see mobile payments becoming more and more mainstream. Mobility, the cloud and the Internet of Things will create significant opportunities for businesses to expand and for consumers to enjoy. Wearable devices have already garnered attention from the fitness and medical worlds and in 2015 consumers can expect fierce competition, a fair amount of innovation and a lot of hype as the trend really takes off.  Looking to the networks, we will see different name plaques hanging over the doors of certain players as consolidation and quad play strategies continue to take hold. Innovation will be key to gaining a competitive advantage, as the industry becomes more and more competitive and consumer demands increase. Each year we hear it will be ‘the year of the mobile’, but I think in 2015 we will see mobile actually deliver on its promise.

‘At we will be starting 2015 with a bang, with a number of exciting announcements in the spring. Our focus will be on growing our team and improving our partner’s experience, utilising technology to make our processes slicker, simpler and more efficient. We’re going back to basics with our focus on service and simplicity.’  


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