Focus Mobile launches recruitment and acquisition drive

Focus Mobile launches recruitment and acquisition drive

Unified comms provider Focus Group is targeting major growth in the mobile market this year through a dual strategy of organic growth and acquisition.

Speaking to Mobile, Keane Beaken, sales director of Focus Mobile, the group’s mobile division said: ‘Growth at Focus Mobile was strong last year. We added more than three hundred customers to our base, which included several large companies, and that has really helped to increase turnover. We also won a good mix of new business from both existing customers and new customers.’

Focus Mobile boosted turnover from £1.8m to £2.5m in 2014. The division is predicting similar growth in 2015, with turnover set to rise above £3m by the end of the year on current performance.

Beaken said: ‘We are doing so much new business. This month we are set to do around 450 new connections and that will grow this year as we take on new sales staff.’

The group’s mobile sales have been boosted by a number of key factors, Beaken said. These include Focus Group’s system of lead generation across the group, the overhaul of Focus Mobile’s billing and CRM platform, and an incentive scheme that has seen revenue share divided between Focus Mobile’s sales and admin staff.

‘It wasn’t popular at first with the sales staff but it actually created much better teamwork, allowing our sales staff to focus on selling more, so it has been a real success,’ Beaken said.

Focus Mobile has more than 1,100 largely SME customers who take around 12,000 connections. The division connects around 60% of its customers to O2 via distributor Daisy. Another 35% take Vodafone connections via Vodafone Partner Services. The company also offers EE via Daisy and an MVNO service for customers via Gamma.

Beaken said he is confident O2’s planned changes to its Partner Programme this year will benefit Focus Mobile. He explained: ‘We are the kind of dealer O2 wants because of the amount of digital products we sell for them, the quality of the business and our low churn rates, so we are confident we can win new business for O2 this year.’

The division is also on a recruitment drive to boost its team of 15 sales and admin staff as it prepares for further growth this year. Beaken said the company is looking for motivated individuals with ambition and drive, who are willing ‘to hammer the phone’.

He said: ‘We plan to grow considerably this year but one of our biggest challenges is in finding the right people to add to our sales team,’ adding that it was difficult to find employees with the right mix of work ethic, experience and drive.

Acquisition is also seen as an important route to growth this year. Beaken said: ‘We are on the acquisition trail. The group did several acquisitions last year, predominantly in fixed line, but we have yet to make a significant mobile acquisition – but acquisition is definitely on our to-do list for the second half of the year.’

He added: ‘We have learnt from acquisitions we have done and what others have done in terms of mobile acquisitions, and we are taking a cautious approach but if we can get the right fit it is absolutely a good way for us to grow.’

Focus launches RTF Mobile

Focus Group has opened up a second front in its battle for share of the mobile market with the launch of RTF Mobile, a spin-off from Maidstone-based RTF Networks, in which the group holds a controlling share. The newly hatched company will target RTF’s existing base of fixed line customers.

The company set up RTF Mobile in December with the aim of cross selling mobile into RTF Network’s customer base under the banner of RTF Mobile.


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