EE indirect partners wave goodbye to Orange and T-mobile

EE indirect partners wave goodbye to Orange and T-mobile

EE’s indirect partners will stop selling Orange and T-Mobile tariffs from today with all Orange and T-Mobile signage removed from their stores, businesses and websites by the end of June.

The move is part of EE’s wider strategy to focus exclusively on selling EE 4G which came into force for all EE's direct partners last month and which comes into force for indirect partners from today (2 March 2015).

Under the strategy EE’s indirect partners have been instructed to only sell EE tariffs to customers from today and to remove all traces of the two iconic logos from their businesses by the end of June at the latest.

The removal of the logos is being conducted in an orderly fashion with all indirect partners having to send in a timetable of when they will remove the signs from all their stores, signage and websites.

EE is keen for its partners to remove all sign of Orange and T-Mobile as quickly as possible. In a missive sent to all EE indirect partners the operator said: ‘As the new guidelines are effective from March 2nd 2015 we ask that you work at speed to update your business.’

Partners are advised to prioritise the removal of the legacy logos, firstly from their company websites, then from all external sites such as store windows and fascia and finally from within partners’ premises.

In a statement EE said: ‘Due to customer demand, and in line with our mission strategy to bring 4G to as many people across the UK as possible. This is a hugely positive move and the next natural step to take after two hugely successful years. It shows the strength of the EE brand and the desire of our customers to use 4G. EE claims nine out of 10 EE customers choose 4G plans from EE.


Does this mean that T Mobile and Orange will finally be fully absorbed into EE?
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