Samsung B2B to introduce new programmes

Samsung B2B to introduce new programmes

Samsung is set to launch a number of new programmes for B2B partners as it looks to increase its share of the B2B market. Speaking to Mobile, the manufacturer’s director of operator sales and B2B, Phil Lander (pictured), explained that Samsung’s new approach was very much about partners: ‘In the coming months we’ll be putting in place some new programmes that customers won’t have seen before. Bringing them all together, telling them what the Samsung journey is and our vision is, and taking them along with that journey. We want really strong channel engagement, operator engagement and distribution partner engagement so we can really grow in B2B as we ambitiously want to.

‘It’s all about sell through and a business generation approach. The progress we’ve seen with our channel partners has been built upon increasing on their opportunities alongside our ideas. It’s about bringing those things together to actually achieve mutual success. I think we put a number of the foundations in place in 2014 and it’s about moving on from there in 2015, especially with our operator partners. It’s about taking it to the next level now and I’m expecting strong results. Great hardware such as the S6 will help escalate Samsung to the top of the customer’s mind. We now need to take the whole eco-system, and the partners we’re working with will make that a much stronger story.’   

Lander was keen to stress that the brand would be adopting a multifaceted approach, with direct and indirect channels all playing their part: ‘We send out people to deal with the channels directly, with the operators and the indirect partners and the IT reseller partners. We have a direct inTouch workforce who work directly with FTSE 400 companies and the public sector. So to bring all the things together we’ve got resource, programmes and marketing investment across a range of platforms and channels. What we’ve been looking to do this year is really step up our engagement with that IT reseller community, and through our distribution partners engage those resellers.

‘Samsung’s electronics portfolio is very strong, when we go to a FTSE 400 company it’s not only mobility solutions such as phones and wearables that we can offer. We do large format display, we do print, and so on. We can actually deliver a much broader solution to our partners compared with many other players. It’s a really exciting opportunity and we’ve seen a lot of progress in the UK.’

As ever, hardware plays a key part in Samsung’s B2B plans, and Lander is confident that the new Galaxy devices will be crucial in convincing businesses to choose the brand’s Knox security product: ‘The S6 is enterprise grade as it comes out of the box. I think it’s got performance built into the heart of it. The connectivity it has combined with Samsung Knox security.

‘Garmin recently looked at seven operating systems’ security and found Knox the most secure. That was a real endorsement of the engineering that’s gone into that product. On top of that we’ve enhanced a lot this year with our eco-system and the mobile device management (MDM) partners we’re working with. The benefit of that is that customers have often already made a choice with regards to their MDM management provider – they can utilise that existing infrastructure and get the flexibility of choice of Samsung’s products and services. I think that’s really important and a big step forward for us. It runs alongside our work with the Cisco’s, Oracle’s, Microsoft’s and vertical marker solutions such as “Connect” in the police force that can actually enable connected back-end services to tablets and smart devices


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