Fairphone sells its 60,000 first editions and moves to mark 2

Fairphone sells its 60,000 first editions and moves to mark 2

Fairphone is in the process of developing the second version of its ethical-sourced
smartphone. The crowd-funded project has sold out of the initial 60,000 models it built and has revealed details on the next generation of the device.

The Fairphone 2 encourages a ‘deeper user relationship with the device’ encouraging a sense of ownership within the consumer, which it claims will increase the product’s longevity. The new device is designed to extend the usable life of the phone, with owners encouraged to repair broken parts themselves, thanks to a modular design. 

More than 50,000 Fairphone community users have registered their interest in the new device, which the manufacturer hopes can inspire users to ‘take more responsibility for keeping the device in a working condition’. The firm is also planning to give users greater freedom over the operating system by collaborating with developers. 

The new smartphone will expand upon the goodwill initiatives of the company, which aims to have a positive impact across the consumer electronics chain. This includes sourcing conflict-free material and improving e-waste recycling, as well as investing in an original design.

The company says that creating smartphones with original designs has allowed it to ‘expand upon its ambitions for fairness’. In this way, Fairphone claims it can increase the transparency of its supply chain, as well as build stronger relationships with its suppliers.

The company said: ‘Designing the new phone from the inside out gives Fairphone the ability to integrate its values into the phone itself, focusing on increasing the product’s longevity and sense of ownership among users by employing a game-changing modular architecture.’


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