EE issues smartphones to Bobbies on the beat

EE issues smartphones to Bobbies on the beat

EE has partnered with Cumbria Constabulary as part of a £1.8m push to help modernise the police force.

The partnership will see Samsung Galaxy Note 4 devices issued to frontline officers in a move to replace traditional notebooks. The devices will be equipped with specialised policing apps and services to help tackle crime.

The collaboration is expected to save the force £3.3m over the next three years, and will look to reduce the amount of day-to-day admin work that officers do, ensuring they are a ‘visible presence on the streets’.

The move to modernise the police force is an area in which several networks are involved, EE’s partnership follows a 4G tablet trial by Vodafone this year with the London Metropolitan Police Service. This is also not the first time that Samsung devices have been issued to the force, with the manufacturer securing a deal with West Yorkshire Police last year to equip front line officers with Galaxy Note 3 devices.

Ettienne Brandt, director of corporate and public sector at EE, said: ‘Organisations in the public sector and emergency services are increasingly being called on to do more, and connected devices such as tablets and smartphones running on our 4G network can provide a real boost to productivity.

‘Cumbria Constabulary’s innovative use of 4G smartphones to replace the traditional police notepad is not only saving the force money, but it is also helping them spend more time making a difference to the community.’


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