Tablet takeover puts productivity up

Tablet takeover puts productivity up

Communicate Better has revealed that it has recently completed a deal to replace all
laptops with tablets at existing client ShredIT. Communicate Better’s director Mark Dermody explained that the project had been specially set by the client: ‘We already provide all mobility
controls and mobile communications for ShredIT, but this was a separate project. ShredIT tasked us with the job of identifying an “always-on” mobile solution for its remote worker business development managers. Security and discretion is paramount in its line of business, and was a critical element of this project.’

‘Enhanced mobile device management was another key requirement, and it wanted the solution to provide for serious improvements in time management for these remote workers. ShredIT didn’t want tablets off the shelf, but demanded bespoke solutions for its business, with devices ready to deploy on delivery with a fully managed service resource in place from day one! The results were excellent, with a 30% rise in productivity from the introduction of the tablets.’

The unified comms dealer said that the deal had provided it with a good showcase to demonstrate its capabilities in a range of services. Dermody continued: ‘For us at Communicate Better, the project was ideal to showcase our skills and capabilities as a managed service provider for everything from hardware to software, and with bespoke applications and support services. The client’s initial cost projections indicated a budget requirement in excess of £40,000 a year just to manage and support its own tablets, but by sub-contracting to Communicate Better, and taking advantage of our internal expertise and network relationships, it not only proved to be significantly less costly, but also an easier deployment.

‘We can use this case study to demonstrate the ROI to other clients with a large number of remote workers with Windows-based mobile computing needs. We have proved that we can remove all the associated management hassle and turn the workforce into highly productive tablet users. The huge cost benefits are clear to see. The crucial aspect of this solution is that it can be made to work for everyone and anyone who works remotely, full or part-time, in any industry regardless of product.  This can be applied for multiples of users ranging from a white van man to a CEO.’

The partnership is also seeing Communicate Better expanding its services to help the client fulfil its needs, Dermody explained: ‘ShredIT is a global company that operates in a number of different geographies. Currently we don’t provide the airtime for it outside the UK, but have airtime partners in its operational regions.  That may change in the future.’


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