Westcoast partnership ‘upscales resellers’ with alternative financing

Westcoast partnership ‘upscales resellers’ with alternative financing

Westcoast has partnered with Shire Leasing to offer an alternative financing service, in a move to ‘upscale resellers’.

The IT distributor believes offering a different way to finance offers gives resellers the best tools to ‘go out and sell’. The company currently offers financing services in the IT side of the business, but claims the convergence of IT and mobile has called for a total financing solution.

Speaking to Mobile, Darren Seward, head of Mobile, explained that by expanding these services to the mobile, Westcoast could allow resellers to ‘transform their business’.

He said: ‘In terms of adding value around the device, one of the things we found that our resellers need is an alternative financing solutions. We offer this service as part of our IT business but at the moment there isn’t a total solution to cover mobile side of the business, so we’re partnered with Shire to offer out a solution to our customer base.

‘There are some leasing companies who won’t lease mobile phones in terms of risk. We help customers to provision and make their life easier by giving them the tools to do that.’

Westcoast explained that leasing can help with budgeting and credit risk, ensuring a better return on investment (ROI). Resellers can also include various elements, such as device, software and services, in a leasing agreement.


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