Vector adopts online distribution as ‘a new way of going to market’

Vector adopts online distribution as ‘a new way of going to market’
Vector’s CEO has revealed it will adopt an online distribution strategy for its new smartwatch, claiming ‘it’s a new way of going to market’.
The company are set to launch the Vector smartwatch, which it claims has a 30 day battery life. Joe Santana explained that the potential of the online marketplace has progressed rapidly, claiming that Mobile offers a new window of opportunity to marketing a consumer product.
He said: ‘Our distribution strategy is to sell through e-commerce sites, our website and partners. Five years ago you could just buy clothing online, now that market has expanded. It’s a new way of going to market.  Mobile is the window to the world, offering a new approach to market a consumer product. The smartwatch lives in two worlds; consumer electric, technology and mobile.’
The former Timex head commented that the demand for wearables, especially smartwatches, had taken off since the launch of the Apple Watch. He explained that the US manufacturer ‘created enormous potential’ in the market.
He said: ‘We love Apple, they made it easier for us in this market. Apple coming into this category will create enormous awareness. Their smartwatches run on iOS while we work with all platforms but our plan is to ride with them - they are surfing ahead of us and we are right behind.’



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