Daisy Group and Phoenix IT create 'mid-market powerhouse’

Daisy Group and Phoenix IT create 'mid-market powerhouse’

CTO Nathan Marke has told Mobile that Daisy’s purchase of Phoenix IT will create a
powerhouse for the ‘poorly served’ mid-market.

He said that as businesses look for ways to utilise IT systems to differentiate in the market, the large companies are better served than those in the mid-market. He added that by purchasing Phoenix, Daisy boosted its IT capabilities, enabling the unified comms dealer to deliver solutions to the smaller businesses.

He said: ‘We’re aiming for mid-market because large companies that think about IT and comms are looking at digital strategies to differentiate, but they rely on IT systems to do so. The mid-market has the same requirements but we think they are poorly served by the market. So this gives us a chance to take an end-to-end unified comms managed services offering to them.

‘By combining the business of Phoenix and Daisy we’re creating a real mid-market powerhouse. There’s a way that you sell to that market where you need to be culturally aligned with customers, and we’re focused on that market and we endeavour to understand them. We don’t want to be like any of the big system integrators, it’s hard for them to serve large enterprises well.

‘We think we’re going to bring some uniqueness; Phoenix allows us to have good heritage in business continuity. Historically only the very big companies and regulated companies have been able to access business continuity services, but mid-market businesses are increasingly relying on IT for business process to work so they need the same ability as big companies.’

The UC dealer recently purchased Phoenix Group to deliver IT management capabilities, with Marke claiming that Daisy is the first to ‘bring the two markets together at scale’. He explained that more companies are starting to recognise the opportunity within UC and believes that collaboration needs to be ‘unleashed’ to unlock value for businesses.

He added: ‘I believe that the opportunity in UC is just surfacing now, I think people are starting to realise the importance of team work and collaboration in business and the difference that it can make. The way in which digital businesses use data is available to everyone but if you can’t collaborate and usefully use and share it then it is in the prison it always was. UC is a great way to drive digital change and people are just starting to understand that.

‘I think we are the first to put a stake in the ground to bring the two markets together at scale, but it’s a big market, we don’t think we’ll be alone and we seek competition in this space.

‘It hasn’t been high enough up the strategic radar to reach the COO and CEO but actually to be successful the thing that makes digital companies work is UC. The ability to collaborate up and down stream in your supply chain is a fundamental underpinning of what makes a business great.’


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