Samsung: 'b2b changes are building momentum'

Samsung: 'b2b changes are building momentum'

Spring was a period of significant change at Samsung – not only did the manufacturer
announce a number of new programmes for b2b partners, it also carried out a review of its distribution partners.

Several months on, the brand’s director of operator sales and b2b Phil Lander says that these changes are now having a noticeable impact: ‘We’re making significant progress, we continue to build momentum in the market through partnerships with channels in the UK and also partners in the ecosystem.

'We’re bringing a whole ecosystem to help corporate customers manage devices. We’ve also seen a growth in premium devices in the b2b market place. We put certain changes into effect so that we can work closely with select partners and bring very good b2b capabilities to the customer.

‘We have the Microsoft office suite, which is embedded in certain devices, and we work well with Google. A lot of companies are adopting a “choose-your-own-device” policy – giving employees a broad range of devices – and Samsung is increasingly appearing among those devices. The large screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will add further appeal, it’s an important area for us in all of our channels.’

Lander said that changes to Samsung’s distributor strategy had helped to develop the service aspects of its b2b business, which is of increasing importance: ‘Distributors service a major part of the b2b market place so it’s really important for us to work with them to sell our hardware but also to sell our services.

'We will continue to grow that and service indirect b2b partners in the UK – an important channel for us. We’re doing joint sales activities and events and really ramping that up over the next two to three months.’

One partner of Samsung’s that has been particularly active in the past few months has been Microsoft, with the launch of its new Windows 10 operating system (OS).

Lander said that there were no plans at present to bring the OS to Samsung phones: ‘No announcement to make on that, but we continue to build our ecosystem with our partners on a global and local level; there’s nothing to announce, but watch this space.’

Samsung has been very proactive in pushing its brand in the past few months, and Lander believes that this strength helps in the b2b space too: ’I think it’s important because it comes back to being trusted and credible, so that‘s what we’ve been doing through our delivery of products.

'With security partnerships and partnerships in the ecosystem it’s about building that trust and credibility; then you can provide choice with products and hardware services. So it’s an area that we continue to focus on and one that is strategically important.

'We will benefit from it because we’ve done research in the enterprise market place about work and personal life blending, so we benefit from the brand awareness. But you need to communicate in the right way to b2b customers and that’s important to us.’


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