Spectralink turns Wi-Fi focus to the UK

 Spectralink turns Wi-Fi focus to the UK

Wi-Fi technology offers a more reliable and secure network than traditional mobile carriers,
according to Spectralink.

Senior director of product management, Ben Guderian, explained to Mobile that there is a business demand for purpose-built mobile devices in the workplace. Spectralink connects these devices using a company’s personal WiFi instead of a traditional mobile network, claiming that it offers more security.

Guderian said: ‘Wi-Fi technology exceeds the security requirements for enterprise use if it is set up properly. Wi-Fi technology has matured and the industry has done a good job of creating security standards that are accepted globally. The stories we hear about security breaches over Wi-Fi are always due to not following industry best practices. Security on carrier-based mobile networks is an ongoing concern, as businesses have no control over what the carrier does.

‘Moving to the UK is a much better position for us. We’re growing globally, the need was there and time was right to move our presence and focus. We don’t do the traditional mobile market, we’re in the WiFi arena and we focus on workers using WiFi, not a device provided by a mobile carrier. To us it doesn’t matter about the traditional market as we’re competing in an adjacent space.

Spectralink provides its own durable branded smartphones to employers and employees, which are adapted to suit a number of working environments. The company recently introduced a range of PIVOT smartphones, claiming it was a step towards ‘bridging the gap’ between consumer devices and purpose-built mobile solutions.

Guderian added: ‘The advantages of using Wi-Fi over traditional mobiles for workplace communication are lower cost, better security, more suitable device design, and more consistent and reliable voice quality. The primary markets we target – healthcare, retail, and industrial enterprises – are well-represented across Europe, and we bring unique capabilities that are not offered by mobile carriers or other wireless solution providers.

‘We expect our presence in the UK and EMEA to grow as we see significant market growth in our space, particularly with the PIVOT smartphone category. We are leveraging the adoption of smartphones running applications in the business environment with the additional value of devices that are more suitable for the workplace than consumer devices.

‘Our partner programme is designed to equip channel partners with the best devices to address mobile communication needs in our targeted markets. We look forward to working with our partners to drive further EMEA growth opportunities with our expansion to a vibrant and dynamic city like London.’


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