How ‘Generation Y’ is changing the face of IT

How ‘Generation Y’ is changing the face of IT

Active Business Comms has told Mobile that the entrance of ‘Generation Y’ into the mobile
workforce is changing attitudes towards the integration of telecoms and IT.

MD Mark Boyle explained that the shift in demographic and the influence of more tech-savvy workers in senior IT positions is affecting how businesses view technology. He believes that this market shift is making companies more aware of the convergence between IT and telecoms, as integration barriers are broken down.

He said: ‘The challenge facing companies is: ‘how do I make that tech relevant for my business and how do I employ that internally to get an ROI?’. The workforce is also changing and the demographic is shifting. And we get the IT people being more Generation Y and we see a change in what they are expecting from an employer when they start working. This generation is entering the workforce in more senior roles and that is changing businesses.

Boyle believes that even though the convergence between IT and telecoms is not new, it is drawing new levels of interest from customers as the benefits of integration are realised.

‘Companies are recognising that they need to do more with tech, and they have seen that people have been very successful by removing integration barriers. There is a general realisation now that technology will improve businesses. Convergence didn’t previously exist at this level in the market and the reality is that it is changing the ability of companies, and the shift in client software has opened up the market place. The need is not going to stop, it is going to grow. Convergence isn’t new but it is just now getting to this level in the market place.’

Boyle explained that the shift in the market means that companies are now more aware that technology needs to be embraced. He warned that those in the mid-market who don’t integrate IT and telecoms may not have a place in the market for very long.

‘The whole market is shifting from what we saw three to four years ago, and if mid-market companies haven’t got a clear plan to integrate IT and telecoms we’ve got to question whether they will be here in two to three years’ time. We have got companies wanting to move business forward, and we have got some companies that haven’t made that change and are unwilling to make that journey.

‘Clients are also recognising the opportunities that tech is delivering and we are showing them what to do with this opportunity. Telecoms and IT will converge because it has already happened from the IT side, and in telecoms clients will converge in different ways.’


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