Fairphone targets 150k sales with major b2b push

Fairphone targets 150k sales with major b2b push

Fairphone has revealed a major push into b2b, claiming that its latest smartphone will target ‘reluctant’ operators and distributors.

Speaking to Mobile at the launch of the Fairphone 2 last week, CEO Bas Van Abel explained there is ‘huge opportunity’ in the b2b space. He revealed ambitions to sell 150,000 Fairphones 2 devices across Europe, more than double the sales of the Fairphone 1.

He said: ‘With the Fairphone 2 we really want to scale up sales to 150k phones per year. We are in conversations with Vodafone and BT to see if we can also use their channels. Operators are one option but what we’re really aiming at is b2b, we’ve seen that in the products we’ve developed there is a very good proposition for IT departments.

‘What you see now in b2b is that the market is a bit reluctant, businesses are thinking ‘is Fairphone big enough to drive volumes?’ That’s one of the main questions I get from operators and distributors but we see b2b as a huge opportunity.'

Van Abel explained that the company’s latest ethical smartphone will be able to compete with rivals in the mobile market. He claims that while b2b will offer better margins, he will take a careful approach when it comes to working with distributors.

He said: ‘With the Fairphone 1 we made our first steps into the market and now the Fairphone 2 will be able to compete with the other smartphones. We have lot of extra value so the competition is really on the product now.

‘I want to be very careful not to have a distributor and say ‘you have 10,000 to 20,000 phones, that’s the target for this year, move those boxes’. If we start becoming a company that moves boxes, then I don’t want to work for that company anymore, that’s not how we work.’



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