Excalibur looks to score in niche markets

Excalibur looks to score in niche markets

Excalibur Comms has told Mobile it will not be undercut by competitors as it furthers its push
into the sports and leisure industry.

CEO James Phipps explained that sports companies are now starting to look for mobile solutions and, in turn, unified comms dealers are starting to recognise the value of the niche market. However, he maintained that Excalibur will ‘continue to win’ in this new market, warning that competitors can’t compete.

The unified comms dealer recently announced a contract win with Nottingham Forest FC, managing the club’s mobile comms. The deal represents Excalibur’s continued push into the leisure industry, following a partnership with Butcombe Brewery earlier this year.

Phipps said: ‘Sports is a high growth area for us and it’s a good sector for a growing company such as us to be in. Some of these clubs are competitive businesses now and they’re going to get a lot of attention. All the networks are after them but we’ll continue to be first choice and we will win through service.

‘Others have tried to compete but we have got longer-term contracts – they know they can’t get the same levels of service. Rivals would look at that and think in mobile terms. They’ll look at them and try to buy the businesses; they will look at it from a commercial arrangement but the response they will get back is that the business is already on a competitive deal.’

While the niche market is starting to attract interest within the mobile industry, Excalibur doesn’t feel threatened by rivals. Phipps said that the unified comms deal has the competitive advantage because of its strict sales agreements.  

He said: ‘Our niche market has very high service demands and so we have to give very strict sales agreements. We come across deals where they are giving it away through cashback deals, and we don’t engage in that.

‘At the end of the day we’ll give businesses a saving, but to do cashback deals you’re relying on a provider incentivised to do that deal, and when they stop doing it the wheels come off. We’re not interested in that – if we get into that conversation with a client then we don’t want to have them.

‘It should be competitive but it’s about helping people get to where they want to get to, rather than cutting people’s contract in half – and that’s what we come across every day. It’s a general trend borne of the recession; people went to the common denominator, which is price, and there’s no longevity because service catches you out.

‘That makes us popular because we don’t sell over the phone or the internet so businesses know we’re a people business, and the leisure industry knows we understand the challenges. Sports are no different to any other business, they want one company to deal with all their telecoms pain. So far we haven’t lost any partners to our rivals, so no, we’re not worried. We have no reason to believe that competitors will be any threat.’


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