Rainbow Comms warns dealers to adopt M2M strategy

Rainbow Comms warns dealers to adopt M2M strategy

An M2M strategy is a must for all dealers according to Northern Ireland-based unified comms company Rainbow Communications. The firm also believes that it is the job of unified comms providers to spearhead the market.

The unified comms dealer told Mobile that M2M is becoming a serious part of its strategy, revealing plans to push into the market by working with car and security companies.

Rainbow recently revealed to Mobile that it is looking to push into the English mobile market. Paul Lawther, head of mobile, explained that this strategy also ties in with M2M.

He said: ‘M2M is becoming an important aspect of our business, but the Northern Irish market is not ripe with opportunity. However, as our business expands into the South East of England and the wider UK market, then from a b2b perspective M2M will become more apparent.

‘The importance of M2M cannot be underestimated in line with our mobile strategy. You can’t have one without the other, but that will change within the next 12 months. For now, mobile and M2M go hand in hand, but as the market continues to expand we expect that the M2M proposition will warp and develop its own specific strategy.’

Rainbow Comms works with Vodafone and EE to deliver M2M solutions, and Lawther explained that the latter has made an ‘aggressive push’ into the market with the launch of its ‘connect’ platform.

He said: ‘When M2M starts in the lower end of the market that is when the demand will be there, and we are ready for that. Our strategy is in line with the business strategy that we employ. We are equipped with the appropriate tools and have support from EE and Vodafone.

‘EE has seen the direction of the M2M market and it is now making an aggressive push. It is obviously competing against Vodafone which, by default, has been the provider of choice, but I think that will change.

‘M2M is a necessity within the mobile market – the concept isn’t new, it’s just becoming more familiar. It ties in with IoT and it will become more dominant in mobile because it will affect consumer lives – this will become apparent with domestic appliances.’

Rainbow Comms believes that the push into M2M should start with unified comms dealers. Lawther said the concept of M2M is still vague to consumers, claiming it is everyone’s job in the industry to educate and equip customers.
He said: ‘M2M is very vague and there is a marketability aspect around it and a lack of understanding with a lot of the SME and mid-market organisations.

‘However, it’s our job as a unified comms provider to get these organisations on board with the benefits of M2M. It’s the responsibility of all unified comms providers to equip and educate the customer as best as they can.’


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