Talk Telecom claims ‘there is no growth in consumer mobile’

Talk Telecom claims ‘there is no growth in consumer mobile’

Competitive tariffs and high device prices mean there is no longer any growth left in the UK consumer mobile market, Talk Telecoms has claimed.

Speaking to Mobile, the unified comms dealer believes it is harder for companies to generate traditional revenue from the consumer space.

MD Jason Halls explained that there are new capabilities to be found within the b2b space, using features such as apps to enhance the user experience and drive additional data usage.

Halls said: ‘We’re only targeting b2b, for me that is where we see most growth. I don’t see any more mobile growth in the UK. Everyone has two phones in this day and age so you have the same customers moving around.

‘However there is growth with people wanting more from their mobile devices. It’s very competitive in terms of tariff offerings, most people go for unlimited plans so it makes it challenging in terms of generating traditional revenue. As devices get more expensive, it makes sense to deliver certain things such as apps that may drive additional usage.’

One of the value added services Talk Telecom offer b2b customers is WiFi calling via an app that is provided from a fixed line carrier. The company is able to transfer incoming and outgoing calls on the same network by dialling the user’s internal extension number.

Halls explained that this business model is a way to build the fledgling company’s customer base, in a move to build up credibility with mobile carriers. The unified comms dealer is looking to aggressively expand within mobile and IT, after recently acquiring Nitrus IT Ltd.

He said: ‘The company is still quite young so getting a direct agreement is quite challenging for a new business. It’s a saturated market, it’s so active that you may be the second or third company a business speaks to that day.

'Because of this it’s challenging for a company without an establish customer base. ‘It’s about having a direct relationship with carriers, the more customers you have then the more leverage with carriers. As we grow then rather chasing carriers, they’ll be looking to come to us.’


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