Over-the-top features give MVNOs control of market

Over-the-top features give MVNOs control of market

x-Mobility claims there is a major lack of disruption and differentiation in the MVNO market.

The virtual network aggregator has told Mobile that too many MVNOs are tied into offering the same services as mobile operators.

Chief mobile officer Shanks Kulam believes that creativity needs to be unlocked in the industry to help MVNOs take control of the features they provide.

Kulam explained that offering over-the-top (OTT) services to new virtual networks can allow players to differentiate on more than just low cost calls.

The MVNA have recently expanded its capabilities to offer video calling features to MVNO, a feature which Kulan believes will differentiate x-Mobility's offering.

He said: 'The next program is a web plug-in – MVNOs can directly use the app to provide real-time video services. That will be the next progression and we can enable MVNOs as 4G LTE and that really differentiates our offering.

'I think we saw the opportunity arise mainly from the West Coast in the US, which is providing OTT apps combined with a real mobile number, and we had a number of partners to expand services outside the US, which we have done successfully. We are working with pure OTT and traditional MVNOs – with the 4G capabilities and allowing video without having to download a plug-in, it suddenly enables brands and MVNOs to offer more disruptive services than those that MNOs provide today.’

x-Mobility recently extended its partnership with Three to offer MVNOs virtual mobile numbers, an OTT service that Kulam feels will open up the market.

He said: ‘OTT services are certainly necessary, MVNOs have been tied into providing services similar to MNOs which doesn’t allow for much creativity or disruption but now suddenly you can do so much more.

‘It will positively impact MVNO market, the likes of Google Fi and other mega brands are looking to move into mobile disruptively so it’s not just a case of being another means of offering low cost calls. It really allows for the first time for MVNOs to be very creative in the kind of service they can offer – the MVNO can be completely virtual and not even have a SIM. It really opens up the market globally.’

Virtual mobile numbers will enable users to make and receive calls from a connected device, with their mobile number attached to the SIM card used in the device. New MVNOs on the Three network can utiltise this feature to allow consumers to call and text abroad at UK rates.




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