Bullitt's major b2b bid targets niche market

Bullitt's major b2b bid targets niche market

Bullitt Group has launched a major b2b drive, with the company confident it can claim a
significant portion of ‘enterprise-graded device’ market.

The brand has told Mobile it will target industries where the use of ruggedised devices is essential, using new distribution channels to drive this product range. Oliver Schulte, CEO of Bullitt Mobile, explained that the brand aims to take a portion of the 1m annual units within the enterprise-graded market.

He said: ‘When we look at the rugged phone market, we talk about 10m smartphones and the same amount of feature phones. When I talk about enterprise-graded devices the market space is in excess of 1m units a year, so it’s a relevant niche we would like to actively promote in.

‘We want to work with enterprise to make our proposition more sticky to relevant segments; we take that as an exit approach we want to learn over the next quarter and get closer to the target demographic that enterprises are accepting. Demand is moving towards the mobile affordable side of things as we cover different device segments.’

The manufacturer is currently working with distributors Brightstar and Data Select to drive its traditional channels. Bullitt recently partnered with ruggedised distributor Centerprise to bring its enterprise-targeted products to market. Schulte explained that this will be the brand’s first foray into the b2b space and that it will continue to expand into new markets.

He said: ‘Fort us the rugged market is three segments – it starts with enterprise on top, consumer rugged where we sell major volumes, and then on the other spectrum is life-proof [water-proof, drop-proof and dirt-proof protection] devices, where you will find Sony and Alcatel – and from a functionality point of view we can cover a certain type of segment that that was previously covered by enterprise-graded devices.

‘It’s already covered by some of our competitors but we have not actively promoted into this space. We see it as an opportunity because people who previously saw only enterprise graded are now open to other options, and we are one of the options. For us b2b is a wide spot we feel we can address. You will see us expanding further into other markets and enhancing proposition from a hardware point of view, so consumer is a core area, but we also want to cover some of the other opportunities.’


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