IBM & Jasper ink IoT partnership to ease b2b burden

IBM & Jasper ink IoT partnership to ease b2b burden

Jasper has partnered with IBM to ‘alleviate the b2b burden’ surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), making it easier for businesses to enter the market.

IBM's IoT platform

Speaking to Mobile, Macario Namie, VP of Strategy at Jasper, explained that the two companies will combine their IoT platforms in order to create a one stop shop for enterprise. He said the two will work together to make it ‘as easy as possible’ for businesses to enter IoT and connect their own ‘things’.

Namie said: ‘Jasper plays an important part in IoT and we want to eliminate friction for the enterprise and make it as easy as possible to get IoT up and running. We are going to enable enterprises to have one place to go and see not only information about devices and the data coming off these devices but also information about service, life cycle and behaviour. We can then blend information together for control purposes. We’re doing it so businesses don’t have to do it themselves. It will alleviate a huge burden for them.’

Apple collaboration

This is not the first IBM has combined its platform with another, announcing a partnership with ARM earlier this year to also focus on enterprise. Apple recently announced it will work with IBM to unlock the enterprise value within its products. The two companies are working with business to enable employees to use Apple products for enterprise-related tasks through the use of bespoke apps.

IBM and ARM form IoT partnership

Namie revealed that Jaspers new relationship with IBM will also open up opportunities to work with the UK tech giant, a collaboration which Namie welcomed.

He said: ‘Apple tends to do what Apple tends to do but they are a very important player in IoT. Not just because of the iPhone and iOS but also for their connected car programme and opportunities for collaboration exist for sure.’

Bringing IoT to b2b

Namie explained that Jasper’s platform provides the building blocks needed to get started in IoT. He claimed that this platform makes it easier for companies to bring IoT products to market successfully. He said: ‘This partnership is focused on helping the largest enterprises trying to connect their own ‘things’ and what is it they need to do this successfully.

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‘The enterprise is the true customer, they’re the ones actually embracing IoT. For us it really is about acceleration for enterprises. We want to do anything we can to enable them to get to market faster, to have more successful deployments and be at scale within the next year or two years by streamlining technology complexities.’

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