Daisy Wholesale targets SMBs with new device to simplify security

Daisy Wholesale targets SMBs with new device to simplify security

Daisy Wholesale claims that SMBs are struggling to find adequate security solutions, launching a packaged device to simplify the process.

The distributor explained that businesses are failing to cover the basics when it comes to securing data networks. It believes its new Daisy Sentry device will help simplify the process of security for SMBs, offering an add-on packaged solution without the need for in-house expertise.

Packaged security solution

The new on-site device will provide a range of security features, including built in Wi-Fi, which the distributor explained will enable businesses to offer secure public hot-spots to its customers.

Daisy’s focus on security follows a week where cyber-attacks have rocked the industry, with TalkTalk and Vodafone falling victim to illegal data breaches. Respondents to Mobile’s recent Security Insight Report said that the speed of change and complexities within mobile mean that there are knowledge gaps when it comes to security.

TalkTalk cyber-attack: analysing the aftermath

It also found that pricing is a key factor, respondents said: ‘Sometimes when you want a decent security app or third party app you will have to pay a lot for it. If a lot of the security products were a little cheaper they would be a lot more appealing to businesses and consumers.’ Access the full report here.

Daisy’s new solution will look to combat pricing, with Nick Harvey, BDM, explaining that DaisySentry will take away large upfront costs generally associated with security.

b2b cyber-attack risk

He said: ‘In our experience, there are a lot of businesses that aren’t even doing the basics when it comes to securing their data networks. Particularly in the SMB space, they struggle to find adequate security solutions without the in-house IT expertise.

‘Built with the SMB market in mind, DaisySentry provides enterprise-class network security at a low monthly cost – there are no large upfront sums involved. Cybercrime is on the rise and it is not just large corporate businesses that fall victim to data breaches.

‘The 2015 UK Government Data Breach Report claimed that 74% of small businesses had reported that they had suffered a security breach and these can be devastating for a business. Not only can they ruin the trust between a business and its customers, but the cost to the business can range upwards of £75k on average in the SMB space.’

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