Cubic claims connected cars will drive new revenue streams

Cubic claims connected cars will drive new revenue streams

The connected car market will hold new revenue opportunities for MNOs, Cubic Telecom has claimed.

Speaking to Mobile, CEO Barry Napier explained that the connected car is a business that MNOs ‘all want to get into’. He said that when the vehicles enter the UK market, data usage will increase across networks and turn connected cars into viable revenue streams.

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Driving into connected cars

He said: ‘This is a business they all want to get into – the world is changing and operators are extremely willing to embrace this type of solution, whereas four or five years ago they were sceptical about whether it would take off. Now they see that car manufacturers are using high volumes of data it has become a very interesting business. They need to make sure that each device on there can become a revenue generator, and with data usage going up, this is becoming a viable solution for operators.’

Cubic Telecom recently launched a high-speed LTE network across Europe for m2m and connected car applications. Napier claims that MNOs have previously operated within a single region, with Cubic’s platform looking to mesh international operators together onto one SIM card that can work across all partner networks.

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Cubic and EE’s UK partnership

Napier explained that Cubic is working with operators to create a network with which drivers can obtain seamless connectivity, partnering with EE to bring this service to the UK.

He said: ‘Before, operators were very cautious about taking away credentials or network access. Ops is their crown jewel, they would have spent billions on a licence. They have been very much focused on local market rather than global, and we’re trying to mesh together independent ops around the world.

‘EE will be the backbone of cubic in the UK – this will help it get global companies into the UK. We enable partners on the EE network without them having to invest themselves for m2m automotive and PC OEM.

‘The biggest challenge is that everyone underestimates the complexities of connectivity. Each region is different, but people expect to put a SIM into a device and for it to work. This is something we’ve been able to crack, and the next step will be to start working with partners in the US and Asia.’

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