Spectralink’s new EMEA head shakes-up strategy with HQ switch

Spectralink’s new EMEA head shakes-up strategy with HQ switch

Spectralink has told Mobile it is shifting its strategy to focus on building closer relationships with its mobile partners.

The company currently provides purpose-built devices for the workplace, connecting them via an employer’s WiFi network rather than through a traditional mobile carrier.

Spectralink turns WiFi focus to the UK
Part of the shake-up sees well-known industry figure Simon Rayne appointed as Spectralink’s EMEA head, having previously led Microsoft’s Mobile Devices and Services division as its interim UK and Ireland head. Rayne left the position in June and returned to his post as sales director of the division before taking up his current role at Spectralink.

He explained that the changes at the company, which include moving its headquarters from Denmark to London to gain greater access to its partners, is part of a greater strategy shift to form more intimate relationships.

‘In the past, with hardware-centric relationships, it was transactional based and more strategic planning based,’ said Rayne. ‘So now we’re going to plan out the fiscal year and identify the key marketing tactics. Previously we didn’t really do that level of strategic market planning to understand what would work.

Spectralink's specialist proposition
‘We’re spoken to partners across EMEA and the feedback is clear that we need to listen more and refresh our sales programme, but the thing they’re asking us for is to simplify our sales and marketing processes. We want to identify those software partners in each region in EMEA that are leading sales in those key verticals. It’s a more complex sale – hardware resellers are important but now software partners are key to the sale and are actually leading the sale cycle.

‘It’s more about aligning to them and developing a way of working with them that is more integrated into their businesses. We want to be based around a partnership that is often quoted but rarely achieved.’
Rayne explained that as more of the mobile market moves towards offering similar WiFi solutions, the brand needs to stay ahead of the game.

He said: ‘We’ve got a solid base in the EMEA, and in each of the markets it’s clear the future is based around the growth of WiFi and mobile solutions. Our position as a device and solutions provider will give us the advantage. We’re being led by the market that is evolving from what used to be voice-only devices – now they don’t want just voice, they want integrated solutions with specific applications. Our customers are telling us to go that way.’


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