TWL Voice and Data tops £2.1m turnover as acquisitions fuel growth

TWL Voice and Data tops £2.1m turnover as acquisitions fuel growth

TWL Voice and Data will focus on expanding its acquisition drive as 2015 turnover tops £2.1m.

The unified comms dealer has released its latest set of financial results which showed a 28% increase in growth compared to the previous year.

MD Andrew Nicholson attributed this to an aggressive acquisition strategy: ‘Turnover for 2015 has been encouraging. We have implemented new systems to encourage organic growth by focusing on client services and retention, as well as new business processes. However, our acquisition of JVH Communications back in June was key in reaching our target turnover.’

TWL has previously spoken to Mobile about its investment in customer service, claiming at the time that many organisations within telecoms are ‘faceless’. Nicholson described the company is one that is ‘heavily customer led’, explaining that TWL will continue to expand its customer service offering.

‘We are looking at numerous growth strategies, including organic growth through customer service, growing existing customer accounts and developing new accounts. We are also looking to expand the services that we offer to our customers.’

Recruitment issues

TWL has developed its growth through acquisitions throughout the year. Aiding the company in its most recent deal was advisory group Mustard, whose Chairman Alan Jones explained that TWL’s upward trajectory has not been without hurdles.

‘The main challenges have been recruiting the right talent, he said. ‘We have ensured that we take the time to find the right people with the right attitude that fit into the customer service focussed culture that we have developed at TWL.’

The difficulties of recruitment has been an issue felt across the unified comms dealer space, with Swindon-based firm Excalibur echoing TWL’s comments.

MD James Phipps recently told Mobile: ‘Recruitment is a massive challenge and to get good enough people are very hard to find so we’re overinvesting in our staff.

‘We try not to take people from the industry as it over complicate things because of all the knowledge. We have technical experts but customers don’t normally want to know the ins and outs of everything, just want the best advise so that’s what the training is about, giving staff the technical knowledge.’




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