Cubic Telecom partners with Audi in 2016 connected car roll out

Cubic Telecom partners with Audi in 2016 connected car roll out

Cubic Telecom has signed a Europe-wide deal with Audi to manage 4G connectivity across its fleet of connected cars.

The partnership marks the next step for Cubic in its drive into the connected car market, following on from the recent launch of its high-speed 4G network across Europe for M2M and connected car uses.

Napier previously explained to Mobile that MNOs operate within a single region, with Cubic’s platform looking to mesh international operators together onto one SIM card that can work across all partner networks.

Cubic currently work with over 26 mobile operators around the world, including with EE and Vodafone in the UK.

The deal with Audi will see Cubic leverage this existing partnership with EE to enable 4G in-car connectivity for Audi’s UK connected fleet, something which Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic Telecom described as ‘win-win’ for all three parties.

This one stop shop solution can them be used to simplify mobile for car manufacturers, something which Audi finds attractive: ‘Audi were working with MNOs,’ said Napier. ‘But every MNO had a different set of protocols and core network needs so they found it difficult to integrate across multiple networks so they came to us.’

‘Instead of having to cut 5-10 operator deals we eliminate that process. We’ve simplified a huge amount of backend complexities and now they can speed up their time to market.

‘Audi can now create a closed network for themselves so it gives them the opportunity to do that. We have 26 mobile operators live on our platform and that will grow to 40 operators. Traditionally the connected car consisted of as telematics and location but now Audi are taking that and bringing digitalisation into the car and make it personalised.’




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