Mobile recycler predicts pre-owned boom

Mobile recycler predicts pre-owned boom

Pre-owned devices are gaining traction in the b2b space as businesses ditch old technology,
mobile phone recycler Redeem has told Mobile.

The Envirofone owner explained that as smartphone penetration has increased, so has b2b awareness of the second-hand market, with changes in mobile technology believed to be fuelling this growth.

Richard Mavers, director of online strategy at Redeem, said: ‘We’re seeing more and more business customers as the smartphone market grows and more customers are expecting to get cash for their devices. This is being driven by the growth in technology.

'Handsets are becoming more complex and the b2b space is becoming more mobile, and they realise they have value to add. The b2b market is becoming aware that it is able to recycle its goods – it has predominantly used older tech and the growth in smartphone penetration is changing that.’

Mavers believes that this change will also result in a greater number of retail outlets offering trade-in programs and recycling schemes. This is an area of particular growth for Redeem, which has previously launched trade-in services for both Three and O2 in the UK. 2015 saw Argos launch over-the-counter mobile recycling, and Mavers expects this trend to continue as consumers opt for SIM-free.

‘In the UK we’re seeing growth in the SIM-only market. More customers are interested in buying high-quality, pre-owned devices at attractive prices. New devices are becoming more and more expensive, and with the expensive contracts that the MNOs are releasing, more consumers are going SIM-free to reduce monthly outgoings.

‘For us, 2016 will be all about brand trading; we’re looking to develop that part of our business. We’ve already launched with O2 and Three in the UK, as well as Vodafone in Spain. We see more and more major retailers, MNOs and MVNOs adopting trade-in programmes – this is down to greater customer awareness.

 ‘Two to three years ago the term ‘pre-owned’ wasn’t well known but today major retailers are selling second-hand devices and this provides a good option for customers – and it’s a trend that will continue.’


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