Century Mobile: ‘M2M battle lies in finding use cases’

Century Mobile: ‘M2M battle lies in finding use cases’

Century Mobile believes that when it comes to M2M, the biggest challenge lies in finding the right use cases.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) has gained momentum across the industry as network operators start to ramp up their services in this market. However the unified comms dealer said it isn’t experiencing a similar demand for M2M services.

Speaking to Mobile, MD Scott Harrhy said that so many services fall under the umbrella term of ‘machine to machine’, such as connected SIMs and vehicle tracking. Because of this, it’s an on-going challenge to find ways to sell these services to businesses.

‘For us M2M is all about identifying the opportunities, he said. ‘That’s where the biggest battle is at the moment. We’ve got M2M services in a few business with some vending machines companies and also in vehicle tracking but it’s not gathering massive traction for us at the moment.

‘The challenge is trying to find how it can benefit customers. We’re trying to identify where M2M can be used to improve a business and I wouldn’t say there’s a great demand for these services. It is definitely an area of potential growth but we’re not seeing a huge demand.’



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