Lack of workplace regulation drives UK cloud shift

Lack of workplace regulation drives UK cloud shift

Fewer workplace limitations are driving UK businesses towards the cloud, Mitel has told Mobile.

According to the enterprise communications company, the UK is one of the fastest growing markets when it comes to adopting cloud-based business models.

CTO Terry McCabe explained that this is due to less separation when it comes to work and personal life, with employees encouraged to work on the go.

He said that this culture of mobile working means the UK has been an early adopter of cloud technology: ‘The UK has been one of our first landing grounds for cloud offering. We’re seeing the early adopters of this tech are UK and the Netherlands and there’s some progress in Germany and France.

‘There are fewer workplace limitations in the UK than in other countries when it comes to adopting a cloud model. Other countries have workplace regulations about employees being disconnected out of hours and this hasn’t been adopted in UK. In other countries there is a greater degree of separation between work and home life and government usually plays a greater role in workplace regulation.’

Changing business models

The drive towards cloud has seen a number of industry players change business models in order to deliver a greater array of services. Speaking recently to Mobile unified comms dealer Connect Telecom said that one of the ways this is happening is through dealers moving away from adopting a mobile-centric approach.

MD Matthew Brown said: ‘What you have now is companies are entirely in cloud and that was unheard of a few years ago. The pace is quickening up and it’s just the way things have moved on.’

For Annodata’s Stuart McAlpine, head of communication, this migration is due to ‘customers becoming more and more aware of diversification, that’s where we see growth’.

His comments were echoed by McCabe, who explained cloud is one of the fastest growth areas for Mitel. He said: ‘We have 20 distributors in Europe on our cloud offering and the adoption of cloud in enterprise is one of our fastest growing markets.

‘Our growth areas are mobile and cloud, both of which are growing in excess of 20% per annum and we’re now launching an overall strategy initiative to combine our cloud and mobile business. Cloud and mobile fit together very well when you think about truly mobile solutions.’



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