Annodata reveals investment fears amid economic change

Annodata reveals investment fears amid economic change

Annodata’s CEO is worried that changes in the economic climate will affect investment.

Describing the issue as his ‘biggest concern’ for the year ahead, Rod Tonna-Barthet told Mobile that
changes in the wider economy mean global organisations are becoming more targeted when it comes to deciding where to invest.

‘My biggest concern is the impact of the macro economy,’ he said. ‘We’re seeing signs that organisations are being much more circumspect about capital investments. If you’re dealing with international companies, then the global impact has wider implications, such as if Britain exits the EU. Our strategic investment decisions may end abruptly and we could see greater prudence in investment decisions. Even the recent Deloitte survey showed a change in risk appetite with major organisations.’

To counteract this, Tonna-Barthet believes mobile businesses need to expand the services they offer. He explained that as many global organisations face losing revenue in the tough economic climate, they are prepared to look further outside the box for new ways to make money. This, he claims, is where mobile comes in.

‘Organisations that are facing big revenue threats are prepared to consider far more dramatic changes to business than they otherwise would have done,’ Tonna-Barthet said. ‘Because of this there’s this balance between prudence and change, and from a mobile perspective it’s about making sure you have sufficient activity around client engagement to identify whether those customers want to engage with you.

‘For us it might make buying decisions a bit more difficult, but if we’re seeing some customers becoming more prudent we just have to make sure we broaden our services, and this speaks of our strategy. We’re saying we can grow our revenues by providing more services.’

Annodata has taken a head-on approach to diversifying its business, going on an acquisition drive to expand its printing services proposition to include cloud and hosted services. According to Tonna-Barthet, the mobile market can use the global economy to its advantage, especially in niche markets where new collaborations could start to emerge.

‘This creates enormous opportunity in mobile market for organisations that understand security as companies that don’t have expertise could benefit from this. As long as you have the infrastructure to deliver services to your customers you can continue to grow revenue by doing a better job with clients, and our challenge is to do just that.’


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