Dealer takes on utilities as mobile growth slows

Dealer takes on utilities as mobile growth slows

Base Communications has turned to utilities to retain its mobile customers.

Director Sharon Morgan told Mobile that it is getting harder to gain new mobile customers, stating that mobile isn't growing as much as it used to. Instead, the dealer is using services such as M2M and energy to keep their existing mobile clients.

The unified comms dealer currently offers gas and electricity smart meters and fixed agreements, as well as vehicle tracking, alongside mobile. Morgan explained that for the business, cross selling these services to mobile customers is key, with a significant portion of the company’s growth coming from these add ons.

She said: ‘Energy is a big area of growth. We’ve got an existing mobile base and its growing but the growth is coming more so from our other services. If I’m honest the fact that we can offer other products helps us retain our mobile customers.

‘Mobile is always growing but it’s not as much as it used to be – it does become more difficult to get new customers. But this is not such a bad thing because you’re keeping holding of customers who are of good value to your business. When you lose a customer you have to look at the value that they had to your business in the first place.’


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