Huawei focuses on video as 4G drives market shift

Huawei focuses on video as 4G drives market shift

Huawei has revealed that user experiences around video are now a key part of its network strategy.

The manufacturer used a Mobile World Congress pre-briefing to set forth its plan to focus on video, which it believes is now driving a significant portion of consumers’ data usage.

Paul Scanlan, business and network consulting, explained that mobile operators are now changing the way they approach the market. He explained that previously, MNOs focused investment on building the network, whereas now this is switching to building a good user experience, especially around video.

This shift, he explained, is being driven by the advent of 4G and OTT services, which have fuelled an increase in data usage and changed the ways consumers access content on the move.

‘Experiences are defining the networks,’ he said. ‘We can see that there’s a shift occurring – operators have in the past been very network centric but now we see them becoming very experience centric, and one reason is because of the behaviour of the subscribers but also because of the OTTs.

‘What 4G, social behaviour and smartphones have done is change subscribers’ behaviour to one where the content is generated no longer by Hollywood but by youth and effectively everyone with a smartphone. Somewhere between 45-65% of all data content is video. Everyone who is a subscriber becomes a content source. 4G has also led to VoLTE, which has allowed communications to become video based.’

Video experiences

Huawei is turning its attention to building products that can make money from these video-based services, announcing a new tool to analyse user video experiences across a number of networks. Scanlan explained that operators can take advantage of this to find what user experiences work best when it comes to watching and sharing video.

‘Video is consuming the subscriber’s attention and people will pay for that,’ he said. ‘We’ve analysed the behaviour of 6,000 people and based on this we have given a score. You scan a QR code or download the app and we use it to provide analytics. We’ve already pulled up more experience results for more than a million subscribers; we’re already benchmarking 10 networks. People pay for experiences, and we’ve done this because video is the dominant component of all data, and video experience can vary enormously.

‘We need to move towards these types of networks and now we have the tools to measure video. What Huawei is trying to do is become more partner engaged, more innovative and to bring the larger ecosystem into play.’


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