‘IoT economic benefits will come from b2b’, Jasper says

‘IoT economic benefits will come from b2b’, Jasper says

Jasper has told Mobile that the economic benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) will come from the enterprise space.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress, Sanjay Khatri, global director of Product Marketing, explained that despite the talk of connected home and the connected bar, the real opportunity for IoT lies in the b2b sector.

Over the past year, Jasper has placed significant focus on enterprise, using its platform to ‘alleviate the b2b burden’ and provide building blocks to help companies enter the IoT market. The company used 2015 to partner with both Microsoft and IBM, combining IoT platforms to create a one stop shop for business.

Khatri said: ‘Consumer certainly gets a lot of hype and excitement surrounding the connected toothbrush or refrigerator but I think the types of numbers that we’re seeing for economic benefit will come from the b2b sector. For example General Electric build jet engines and they look at IoT as a way to minimise downtime on those jet engines after landing.

‘There’s often a mechanical failure which causes delays and General Electric looked at that and said “this is a multi-billion dollar problem and we can improve efficiency by connecting together our jet engines”. So for me, the benefits enterprise IoT is going to be a lot bigger than the revenue streams coming from consumer IoT. There’s a lot of opportunity in consumer but for Jasper, b2b applications will be more significant going forward.’






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