Excalibur’s recruitment drive looks outside mobile

Excalibur’s recruitment drive looks outside mobile

Excalibur has set its sights outside mobile for its latest recruitment drive.

CEO James Phipps (pictured) has previously said Excalibur has been guilty of under-investing in the past and will now focus now on hiring outside the mobile industry. He claimed that ‘too many people from the industry over complicate things’.

This strategy has been echoed in Excalibur’s latest recruits. The dealer has appointed two new sales managers, who graduated from its Business School, an initiative set up in 2015 to train up new staff. Excalibur also added a sales and marketing director to its team, who joined from a waste management company.  

Speaking to Mobile at the close of last year, Phipps said: ‘We try not to take people form the industry, too many people in the industry over complicate things because of all the knowledge. We have technical experts but customers don’t normally want to know the ins and outs of everything. They just want the best advice so that’s what the training is about, giving staff the technical knowledge. If you’ve got a tech geek who can’t communicate with the customer then the technical part is pretty useless.’




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