Generation X and Y force change, says Daisy

Generation X and Y force change, says Daisy

Daisy Distribution has told Mobile that a new generation of workers is significantly influencing its partner channel.

Marketing director Julian Parven said that more and more of Daisy’s customers are Generation X and Y, who are seeking different ways to work. Parven explained that Daisy’s partners are now reacting to this shift, embracing new technology to appeal to these new customers.

 ‘It’s always difficult for partners’, he said, ‘it is a moving market place and there’s been a lot of change in recent years, and that change has brought consolidation to where we are now. The market is in a state of flux and the partner channel is being asked to adapt and adopt different technology to become very digital. More and more of our customers are Generation X and Y; they want to work differently and that’s indisputable as a key driver.

‘They [partners] are slowly responding and the message is there, people are accepting the change and are evolving with the customers as generation X changes the way they want to work. That’s infiltrating the partner channel, which is starting to work differently and adopt that change. That’s a healthy situation because it gives the partners a natural synergy with technological changes. Partners are realising that the technology they have adopted is what their partners want to adopt, so there’s less polarisation where you have customers going in one direction and partners trying to resist it.’

Understanding new tech

Parven explained that the new workforce is expecting more out of its relationships with Daisy’s partners. He warned that those who are slow to realise this will find it particularly difficult to operate in an already competitive market place.

‘Partners need to understand new tech; there’s a great amount of competition and it’s not an easy place to operate in. There’s a blurring of the boundaries between what used to be fixed and mobile, and comms and IT.

‘It’s all about embracing the change; those that resist will continue to find that their customer base is being eroded and is under threat because other organisations are having different conversations with them. As the market and the customer evolves, there has to be the realisation that to maintain those customer relationships the offering needs to be more.’


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