Rivals eye mobile returns

Rivals eye mobile returns

A growing number of businesses are investing in mobile, IBM has claimed, driven into the market by the success of their rivals.

Phil Buckellew, VP of Enterprise Mobile, explained that companies are starting to recognise the benefits that mobile devices can bring to a business.

‘Over the past year we’ve seen companies invest more and more in mobile. Organisations have seen how their competitors in their market or other markets have got a lot of return from mobile, so they’re investing in more devices and the whole ecosystem is growing,’ he told Mobile.

‘We see there’s big demand because every single company recognises that they need to embrace mobile because every new hire wants to interact through phones and tablets. That’s where the demand is coming from, and that is cascading through to the mobile manufacturers.’

According to Buckellew, this is changing the relationship between enterprise and manufacturers, the latter of which, he claims, can use the business mobile space to expand their reach.

He said: ‘There’s huge opportunity in enterprise because they [manufacturers] are realising that all of the benefits that we as consumers have seen from mobile devices can help business processes. They can make changes to them and make them more responsive to create better experiences for employees. It’s an opportunity for them [manufacturers] to sell more devices and to get more applications and to expand their reach.’

One of the key problems businesses face when it comes to approaching mobile, Buckellew said, is that they don’t know where to start. He explained that it is difficult for a company to pinpoint exactly where, or how, a mobile solution can improve efficiency.

‘Sometimes businesses don’t know where to start when it comes to mobile,’ Buckellew said. ‘There’s a lot of things they could do but they don’t know how to prioritise what is most important. It’s also difficult to unlock information from their existing IT systems to be able to get that into the hands of their workers. So this is something we spend a lot of time on – making that process easier for the business.

‘Sometimes it’s also hard to find the right skills because there’s so many of their peers in other companies looking for great mobile applications, and one of the key differentiators is having someone on the team that has good skills.’


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