Vodafone reveals regional retail business re-vamp

Vodafone reveals regional retail business re-vamp

Vodafone will use its retail stores to get closer to local businesses, the network has told Mobile.

Head of regional business, Dave Langhorn, explained that retail shops woulddouble up as enterprise hubs, with sales teams specifically targeting SME, midand large businesses. Vodafone recently restructured its enterprise unit to boostits regional focus, with Langhorn stating it will look to take advantage of assets indifferent regions.
‘There will be in-store advisors, as well as sales and support teams working andliving locally. So they’re using not just the store but also local offices to get closer to customers. Our retail stores are assets we will use to drive a lot more with ourcorporate customers. It’s also about linking the public sector together.‘We’re going to start leveraging assets in the region such as retail shops andusing the store network to link in businesses or link in public sector,’ he said.
‘As part of our store network we’ve got services that cover both retail and business.We have business advisors in shops and also asking local sales team to get closeto customers in SME, mid and large businesses. Essentially, we will use the storesas a meeting point and a hub to link in other verticals such as health andeducation.’
A key driver behind this strategy shift is the development of local economies.Langhorn explained that the network saw a lot of activity outside London, whichprompted Vodafone to look at different ways to target customers in these areas.
‘We have taken a long look at the macro economic picture and we saw a lot ofmarket activity outside London and deep in different regions. The regionaleconomy is growing in our core market, and if you look at social trends, peoplehave jobs for a much shorter duration, especially with new graduates coming in.
‘That led us to think that maybe we needed to start to serve our customersdifferently. We also looked at our assets base and thought that maybe we shouldlook at using our network to get deeper into regions. Our customers tell us thatthey enjoy face-to-face dealings, and when you look at our employee base itmakes more sense for sales people to serve people where they live.’


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