More, more, more – Vivio’s partners demand more

More, more, more – Vivio’s partners demand more

Vivio’s partner channel is increasingly demanding digital services, forcing the dealer to look for opportunities outside of mobile.

Speaking to MobileMD James Wright  explained that its partners find it difficult toembrace new technology in the market, claiming it is too resource intensive. To combat this, theunified comms dealer changed the type of support it offered partners, opting for a more technicalapproach.

‘For our partners the biggest challenge is the amount of resource it takes to move into newtechnology and services,’ he said. ‘That’s been a real driver for us in terms of the investment wemake in support services, and we’ve had to change the type of support we’re offering to becomemore technical. We’ve invested in different types of people and more systems, and have gonethrough the process of looking outside mobile, and its enabling us to win contracts we wouldn’t havebeen able to win before.

‘There are some dealers who have stuck to a single product on mobile,’ said Wright. ‘But we haveembraced the whole digital product and services piece and its gathering momentum. We’ve sold more digital services – such as M2M and IoT – in Q1 than in the whole of 2015, so we’re ramping upthat side of business.’
Wright explained that Vivio would be significantly investing in IoT, launching a major push into thenew market. He said that this enabled the dealer to expand its services, easing pressure on margins.

‘It’s very important that this industry keeps on reinventing itself, especially with the whole IoT andM2M piece, as that gives us a new opportunity to go into and we’re now pursing this market. It’sbeing driven by the pull from our customers, and the good thing about digital services is that itopens up conversations about areas we wouldn’t have traditionally moved into.

 ‘The industry is moving from a service delivery model where you get everything included in oneprice to a chargeable service model. So we moved into a broader range of services, which helpslessen the pressure on margins – and we have to be putting more business through it. It’s marketdriven – everyone is trying to integrate everything with everything. The key thing is that we’veincreased the amount of resources needed to support our clients and that’s resulted in more sales.’


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