Gusto MD claims accessories ‘should be priority’ for networks

Gusto MD claims accessories ‘should be priority’ for networks

Gusto Telecom’s MD has called out Vodafone and Three not making mobile accessories a priority. 

Jolyon Bennet explained that the networks take an old fashioned approach when it comes to accessories, claiming that this is reflected in their retail stores.

The accessories distributor has partnerships with both EE and O2 in the UK. Bennet believes that rising hardware costs should see the market more interested in obtaining new revenues from areas such as accessories.

‘We’ve chosen to be quite selective in each of the sections’, he said, ‘so with MNOs rather than dealing with all we strategically chose to only deal with EE and O2. They’re the most progressive and interested in the accessories market. The likes of Vodafone and Three have a very old fashioned view of accessories and they don’t allow much space for them, there’s not enough focus.

 ‘The Vodafone contract has been outsourced to Brightstar and they have a very small range. Three have a very small space, stores are struggling for the space and don’t put it as their priority and it absolutely should be. The accessories market is growing; we’re at saturation with mobile contracts so it’s a really important source of revenue. As hardware gets expensive the smartphone penetration is huge and if you’re going to have a device for two years you need things to protect it and keep it charged.

‘Power banks almost doubled last year, why wouldn’t you be interested in being part of that? EE has been the most engaged when it comes to accessories, they’re opening that market and encouraging people to have a desire for a mobile phone accessory.’




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