Activ Tech’s software surge moves to scale up stickiness

Activ Tech’s software surge moves to scale up stickiness

Activ Technology are gearing up for a major software push to make its mobile customers stickier.

The O2 partner told Mobile that it is moving away from being a traditional telecoms business and becoming more technical. MD Ian Gillespie said the business has significantly ramped up its digital products, using these services to retain its mobile customer base.

‘There’s a big push for software and that makes customer sticky. A mobile customer might argue that they can get their bill price cheaper elsewhere but if you’ve sold them software solution and app then it harder to leave and risk their workforce. We’re providing a solution to make their lives easier and get a better work life balance. A good starting point is to understand their problems rather than just going in and doing a mobile sale. 

‘We’re changing into a one stop shop, becoming more technical and more than telecoms. We’re offering IT, fixed, on premise cloud based products, now have team of Microsoft qualified engineers doing maintained agreements so we’re growing business with different revenue streams. The mobile market was getting to a point where it became a commodity and people were competing on price rather than service or solution and that’s changed.

‘The market need to change, some of the dealers are more serious about what’s going on. Data revenues are going up and you need to have a bigger slice of the wallet of the customer. When it comes to convergence there’s a lot of talk and there’s a lot of companies doing it but some are more advanced than others and we would like to think we’re ahead of the game.’






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